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The Revolution School is an open collective of artists, magicians, activists, hackers, academics, psychokinetics, witches, scientists, healers, empaths, thieves, chemists, archivists, gamers, freaks, friends, allies, and enemies (aka Worlders). We began in August 2020 to form the two action teams, Operation Scrooge and League of Superheroes. The Revolution School has since expanded to co-world projects by members of Rev School that embody and animate the Two Principles of The Revolution:


  1. Always* operate from a place of abundance**

  2. Always choose the most expansive*** route


* Always pertains to any manner of actions that can be deemed revolutionary.


** Abundance is knowing you are enough for the mere fact that you exist.


*** Expansive is beyond binaries, hierarchies, and capital, which is simultaneously a shift from classical physics worldviews to quantum physics co-worldings.


Note: One can "only" co-world with/in the most expansive route when one is operating from a place of abundance. The most expansive route can change from moment to moment as we move with/in spacetime and take account of and be accountable for the continually shifting specificities of entanglements and intra-actions with/in apparatuses, bodies, and material-discursive practices that co-produce subjects/objects and the world’s becoming.


We believe the primary reason someone holds onto and extracts power and resources is because of unacknowledged, unprocessed, and unloved trauma. Currently there are two performative alternatives with/in Worlder: Scroogers and Superheroes. A Scrooger is someone who actively befriends their traumas and, therefore, can have expansive relationships with another person’s traumas. A Superhero is someone who actively offers alternatives to carceral-based institutional apparatuses that have become naturalized.

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